Neon face painting


Considering there is very few times you really get to see this in action, one of the better things in life when it comes to face painting is when you get the chance to do it in neon paint! There are some events in the world which are basically use parties or festivals, and either you can paint yourself and others, or have yourself painted in booths near by the entrance. You can still be just as creative as normal face painting with neon colors, as variety and shades do not have to spoil your fun! The designs are endless and if your creative and artistic juices are flowing, then you can really come out with some wonderful designs!

One of the best face painting designs I have ever had drawn on me was a neon design. It was actually at the full moon party in Thailand, and it was an activity many participated in. Granted, not many went as over the top as I did, but I based my design off a Professional Wrestler by the name of Finn Balor. The design that he sports is amazing when looking at it in natural colors, let alone neon. But it was done so creatively and well that it was by far the best painting of the night. I had many people admiring the look and many coming over to say how cool they thought it looked. But really, I feel as if any design in neon looks good despite how complex or simple it may be. Even some of the more generic painting designs like animals look really well done. I have seen someone pull off a really lifelike cat during one of the parties, and it definitely drew people’s eyes to them. I don’t think many seek out neon facepaint because they are desperate for attention more so than they just want something more creative however. Either way, it definitely catches the eye.

Another place where these types of designs are really popular is at music festivals. In England, there are many festivals like Reading or Glastonbury, where you can get your face painted in neon for the later acts. I don’t think it is as popular as some of the other places such as the Full Moon Party, but many people have done the same thing. I guess after a few days of alcohol and probably some drugs, then you inevitably decide that it is a good idea, even though the eventual rain will definitely wash it off and you will feel pretty stupid. But hey, at least you will get to say that you have done it and take a cool picture for instagram!

Truthfully, I really like Neon face painting, especially when done in the right atmosphere. It really does tend to attract a lot of looks (if that is what you want) and with the really cool designs that you can do, it really will make you stand out from the crowd for the right reasons. If you have some idea of what you would like painted, and you or someone else can actually paint well enough, then you should definitely get it done on a night out! Halloween is another time where it is really popular to get this done, and if you go as something such as a skeleton, taking the time out for a few extra strokes of detail will definitely put other costumes to shame! Although you don’t really want to do the job too well if you are something suck as a zombie, because then you will definitely be scaring a person or two!

With some of the more classic designs, neon face paint will definitely add a more contemporary feel, but also gives an honour to the 80’s with the overly colourful designs too! It even parties up some other designs you may have made yourself, and you will definitely get a night of enjoyment out of it!

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