I know that this is a weird post this week, especially considering last post was very babbly. As a man, there is only so much I know about women’s makeup, as well as make up in general. But with this new thing (well it is new to me) called contouring, it truly is wonderful the amount of things that you can do with makeup. Nowadays you don’t even really need plastic surgery because people can use makeup to have entirely new faces with things like contouring! It’s almost a catfish of an invention though, because you end up seeing entirely new faces when you know someone who is skilled with makeup and a brush! I think when we discuss face painting; the art of women and make up is the exact same thing. But I also think that the skills of contouring and such should be learnt by anyone who is interested in face painting just because the amount of designs you could come up with and perfectly execute!

It is very easy for us as creative people to come up with new designs that we will want to execute, and many more ideas that we would like to design and execute but we also know that we can’t. So even if you are an amateur face painter like me or you are a professional, I do think that it is helpful for us to take make up classes or even just tutorials and videos on youtube to get the best knowledge and skillset possible. If only because we know that the better detailed your face painting designs are, the more like people would enjoy what you have done. I think that is really the key for why we as creative people do anything. We want people to not only enjoy the work that we create, but we also want people to be amazed and say to others “wow, how amazing is this design/painting?” That is, what I think why we truly do what we do as creative people.

People think that the best thing to do is buy the most expensive types and brand of makeup, because they believe that the quality of the makeup makes everything that much better. I personally have a different point of view, which is the old cliché of “a bad tradesman always blames their tools”. I really do think that the better you are at creating and designing ideas helps, but the true art of a creative person is being able to execute those designs and ideas no matter what the materials they have to work with. I know this sounds arrogant as a thing to say, but I will find it hard to believe that no one agrees with this to a certain extent. You can have the best tools available in your hands but if you do not know how to use them to create the best possible designs, then it really and truly doesn’t matter. I think you need to use make up specifically for the designs that you have. Not all makeup will be good for a certain design or idea that you may have, so make sure that you can use the tools that you have in your disposal to create the best possible things.

As I said, some people have different ideas on what I am saying, and I probably do sound a bit arrogant and cocky. But if you are a carpenter, you do not need the best quality tools to create the best possible creations. You simply need to be able to design and execute all of your ideas with any quality of makeup. It’s an art, and it will take a master to bring the best out of lower quality materials. But that is why you should try all the more. If that is what it takes to create a masterpiece, then that is what we as creative and artistic people should strive for.

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