Makeup – 2

This is definitely a weird post when you consider it to last weeks, but then again most of them have been a mess. The thing is though I don’t know a whole lot about different types of makeup, but I have become aware of new types of makeup techniques that are around these days. It is definitely amazing how many different types of techniques there are to applying make up to the point that you don’t even really need professional work done anymore. You can literally paint new faces onto your face and you will look like someone completely new. You are essentially face/off’ing yourself every day if you wanted to. So having that kind of skill with a brush is something that really should be marvelled at! So being able to do that with makeup is amazing, but learning how to do it with face painting would be such an amazing skill to learn that would help you for your entire career. It’s also really useful to learn if you just want a new way to put make up on or want a new look completely, and I would suggest for all to learn these new techniques.

So as creative people and artists we come up with new design ideas that we would like to design and implement immediately often. This is nothing new to us, but it is rare that we come up with an idea we can easily execute. That’s why I feel like even if you are just an amateur or even if you consider yourself a professional, you should learn all of these new techniques that are really helpful. Even if you just watch the videos on youtube rather than going to classes to learn these new techniques, they will really benefit you and give you the best skillset possible moving forward. The better you can detail your facepaint and the more original and lifelike you can make them look, the more people will respect your work and also enjoy the work you have created. That’s the key to being a creative person in my mind. Ensuring that people look at your creations with some degree of respect and wonder. We don’t want to just enjoy it ourselves. We want people to look at these new designs and enjoy them with us. That is why we are artists.

The key to using your make up great isn’t buying great make up. It’s knowing how to apply it in a way that makes it look like it is high quality. The fact is, if you cannot make something look amazing with your own creativity, you cannot expect people to feel that your creations are great. And if you blame the quality of your make up on the reason you aren’t creative, then you are just blaming something that’s irrelevant. You need to be able to use any quality of make up to create something amazing as an artist, and to consider yourself creative, you need to get creative with your tools. Knowing how to get creative with your tools and using what you have at your disposal to make the ideas and desgins that you have work is the sign of a great artist, and it is a skill that you need to learn to pick up if you haven’t already. These new makeup techniques will give you that skill I believe.

I do genuinely believe everything that I have said, and although some will definitely have different opinions on this and think that I sound cocky and arrogant, I know that there is some truth to this opinion too. If you are a builder, the best tools aren’t what allow you to make the best possible structures. It knows how to use those tools to your advantage and the way they should be used. You as an artist need to find a way to make tools that are weak, strong. You should be able to design and execute any idea with any quality of makeup, and realise that because this is an art form, you need to be as artistic as possible.

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