Design ideas for children

So, after my last blog post I wanted to come up with a new design idea that you could paint for children. Now, there are already so many design ideas that have already been done for kids, but there are many more that can still be done for those of us who wish to be more creative! My favorite design ideas for children are usually animal related. Not just because I believe kids respond best to animal paintings as they are usually more fun, but for me I have the most fun with animal face paints because you can be creative with them.

When I spent time in Thailand, I met some incredibly creative artists who used canvass paints, and I also met some very creative face painters who not only painted animals on children’s faces, but also paintings of all types of things for adults. One of the coolest designs that I saw painted was a face and body painting of a half human half android. Very rarely in life do I wish I had a camera on me to take a picture of something, but that painting was the coolest thing I have ever seen. From the details of the face to the details and colour contrasts of the robot, it was amazing to see and the person who created that design was incredibly talented. It is a great design idea to paint for children that are interested in science fiction, and it is one of the more creative designs I have seen. As far as I remember as well, it wasn’t a special event like the Full Moon Party or by a face and body painter of renown, but just a stool in a little market place in Koh Panghan.

This is one of the ideas that I would like to design myself for kids. I think that it is one of the more fun designs that you could paint. However, as I said earlier I prefer more conventional childish animal face paintings for children too. One of the more creative designs that I have personally painted is painting a child’s face like a sea otter, one as a praying mantis and another child as an iguana. Although it doesn’t sound that creative for some, others will find the design to do very difficult like I did. But it was nice to go out of my comfort zone as some would say to be able to do a more creative painting.

Some of the more outlandish paintings I have done on an adult face go anywhere from something like Batman with Christian Bales chin and jawline (genuinely), to painting other people’s faces onto adults faces. Some of the more uncreative requests have been Donald Trump and Obama, but others would ask for me to paint Patrick Stewart and William Shatner for sci-fi conventions and so on. It is actually really fun to be more creative with these kinds of designs. The truth is personally for me, these designs are really cool but they are less suitable for children unless they specifically request these kinds of designs. Admittedly these designs are really cool on children or adults, but it just doesn’t seem to fit properly. I think for children, the more immature and childish designs are better for both the child’s enjoyment and just how cool it looks.

Although what I think may be out dated altogether, this is just what I personally believe. I don’t think you should limit your creativity and designs to anything that someone else tells you to, but personally I love animals and I find it fun to paint animals! Most of what I have said has probably come off as crazy rambling too, but that’s the fact of it! I do also think people should be a lot more creative when it comes to painting animals too. Not just painting cats and dogs, but animals that are more exotic to say the least!

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