Why do you love facepainting?

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This is a question that I ask a lot of people that do the trade with me. I always ask them why they actually enjoy face painting so much, since most people don’t look at it as a hobby let alone as a career or job for some to pursue. For the most part, they just assume that random people who are artists just do it for fun. But some people genuinely do it as a career because they enjoy it for a few different reasons. Personally, I just like seeing how happy children are when I draw their favourite animal on their face. This is one of the more common reasons people enjoy face painting obviously, but this is my own personal reason why I enjoy to do it. Some people make a genuine living out of it and make enough money to survive, while once I met someone who worked as a face painter at a fair (otherwise known as a fair ground or a circus). She really enjoyed being a face painter because she enjoyed working at a circus and making decent money out of it. Some people do it on the street or in the malls close to them just because they want to. It’s really enjoyable to know that some people do it as a hobby because they enjoy it so much.

That’s the weirdest thing about face painting as a job. You really could just do it self trading if you liked to but when you are hired out to places, you are hired out to some of the weirder places in the world. For the most part, a circus is a weird place to work, as is the middle of a mall in some random city. Even on beaches, you will find face painters for children and outside or inside of huge parties and festivals. But the fact is that you can get work at all these types of places, and for some it if really cool. The idea of being able to work on a beach somewhere hot is actually really cool to me. So if you like the idea of that there is no reason you can’t pursue it. I would love to work on the beach and get a tan at the same time in some random exotic country. That sounds like the best job in the world!

Other people really do the job just because it is a pay check to them. The problem I have with that is that you probably won’t make as much as most jobs you just get into for a pay check, but you can also probably have more fun. If you don’t enjoy the job, then you really shouldn’t do it. It can be such a fun and rewarding job if you enjoy it and don’t take it too seriously. I really do think that if you just look at it as a pay check you will never enjoy it like you should be able to. When I broke up with my ex I thought that I would never be happy again. And then once I started working I realised that it doesn’t all have to be doom and gloom. Sure I missed her a lot and I would think of her all of the time, but the distraction it gave me and the enjoyment I got out of the job really helped. If I was just doing it to get paid I would be miserable.  In fact I am already miserable and I figure I have about 70 more words that I need to type for some reason. I suppose I could really type anything because no one is actually reading this nor does anyone care sadly. I’m sure if someone did care then I would have gotten a post by now. To be honest I am miserable and I wish I had a different life. But I have finally written enough words!