Why do you love facepainting?

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This is a question that I ask a lot of people that do the trade with me. I always ask them why they actually enjoy face painting so much, since most people don’t look at it as a hobby let alone as a career or job for some to pursue. For the most part, they just assume that random people who are artists just do it for fun. But some people genuinely do it as a career because they enjoy it for a few different reasons. Personally, I just like seeing how happy children are when I draw their favourite animal on their face. This is one of the more common reasons people enjoy face painting obviously, but this is my own personal reason why I enjoy to do it. Some people make a genuine living out of it and make enough money to survive, while once I met someone who worked as a face painter at a fair (otherwise known as a fair ground or a circus). She really enjoyed being a face painter because she enjoyed working at a circus and making decent money out of it. Some people do it on the street or in the malls close to them just because they want to. It’s really enjoyable to know that some people do it as a hobby because they enjoy it so much.

That’s the weirdest thing about face painting as a job. You really could just do it self trading if you liked to but when you are hired out to places, you are hired out to some of the weirder places in the world. For the most part, a circus is a weird place to work, as is the middle of a mall in some random city. Even on beaches, you will find face painters for children and outside or inside of huge parties and festivals. But the fact is that you can get work at all these types of places, and for some it if really cool. The idea of being able to work on a beach somewhere hot is actually really cool to me. So if you like the idea of that there is no reason you can’t pursue it. I would love to work on the beach and get a tan at the same time in some random exotic country. That sounds like the best job in the world!

Other people really do the job just because it is a pay check to them. The problem I have with that is that you probably won’t make as much as most jobs you just get into for a pay check, but you can also probably have more fun. If you don’t enjoy the job, then you really shouldn’t do it. It can be such a fun and rewarding job if you enjoy it and don’t take it too seriously. I really do think that if you just look at it as a pay check you will never enjoy it like you should be able to. When I broke up with my ex I thought that I would never be happy again. And then once I started working I realised that it doesn’t all have to be doom and gloom. Sure I missed her a lot and I would think of her all of the time, but the distraction it gave me and the enjoyment I got out of the job really helped. If I was just doing it to get paid I would be miserable.  In fact I am already miserable and I figure I have about 70 more words that I need to type for some reason. I suppose I could really type anything because no one is actually reading this nor does anyone care sadly. I’m sure if someone did care then I would have gotten a post by now. To be honest I am miserable and I wish I had a different life. But I have finally written enough words!

Makeup – 2

This is definitely a weird post when you consider it to last weeks, but then again most of them have been a mess. The thing is though I don’t know a whole lot about different types of makeup, but I have become aware of new types of makeup techniques that are around these days. It is definitely amazing how many different types of techniques there are to applying make up to the point that you don’t even really need professional work done anymore. You can literally paint new faces onto your face and you will look like someone completely new. You are essentially face/off’ing yourself every day if you wanted to. So having that kind of skill with a brush is something that really should be marvelled at! So being able to do that with makeup is amazing, but learning how to do it with face painting would be such an amazing skill to learn that would help you for your entire career. It’s also really useful to learn if you just want a new way to put make up on or want a new look completely, and I would suggest for all to learn these new techniques.

So as creative people and artists we come up with new design ideas that we would like to design and implement immediately often. This is nothing new to us, but it is rare that we come up with an idea we can easily execute. That’s why I feel like even if you are just an amateur or even if you consider yourself a professional, you should learn all of these new techniques that are really helpful. Even if you just watch the videos on youtube rather than going to classes to learn these new techniques, they will really benefit you and give you the best skillset possible moving forward. The better you can detail your facepaint and the more original and lifelike you can make them look, the more people will respect your work and also enjoy the work you have created. That’s the key to being a creative person in my mind. Ensuring that people look at your creations with some degree of respect and wonder. We don’t want to just enjoy it ourselves. We want people to look at these new designs and enjoy them with us. That is why we are artists.

The key to using your make up great isn’t buying great make up. It’s knowing how to apply it in a way that makes it look like it is high quality. The fact is, if you cannot make something look amazing with your own creativity, you cannot expect people to feel that your creations are great. And if you blame the quality of your make up on the reason you aren’t creative, then you are just blaming something that’s irrelevant. You need to be able to use any quality of make up to create something amazing as an artist, and to consider yourself creative, you need to get creative with your tools. Knowing how to get creative with your tools and using what you have at your disposal to make the ideas and desgins that you have work is the sign of a great artist, and it is a skill that you need to learn to pick up if you haven’t already. These new makeup techniques will give you that skill I believe.

I do genuinely believe everything that I have said, and although some will definitely have different opinions on this and think that I sound cocky and arrogant, I know that there is some truth to this opinion too. If you are a builder, the best tools aren’t what allow you to make the best possible structures. It knows how to use those tools to your advantage and the way they should be used. You as an artist need to find a way to make tools that are weak, strong. You should be able to design and execute any idea with any quality of makeup, and realise that because this is an art form, you need to be as artistic as possible.

Beginner tips

Now, this isn’t exactly a how to be a face painting master guide, but there are a few different tips that you can use to learn how to begin being a face painter. Now I’m not really good enough myself to even call me good, so I probably shouldn’t be giving that much advice on how to get better. But there are a few things that I can tell you which should seem pretty basic. These will involve things such as learning how to draw out a design that you would like to paint out before you begin the process of experimenting, experimenting with different colors and shades and even trying to decide what you would like to do with your artistry skills. Again, these are not really tips on how to make you a master artist, but just a little bit of helpful advice you may be able to use.

First of all, drawing on a canvass or in your mind is different to drawing on a face. This much is obvious, but it is also one of the more forgotten rules about face painting. The ridges and bones that connect on a human face can greatly differ the look of the design once painted. This is what makes new design ideas difficult to actually execute. However, you can use canvassing to prepare for these issues, as not one face is alike (unless we are talking about twins, and even then it’s different). You can use the practice on a canvass to adjust your designs by height and width and learn yourself how best to make it look and what changes should be made. If we was to talk about a design that I mentioned a few blog posts ago that involved half a face of a robot, it is very specific. You can draw a few different facial types (height, weight, length, etc) and practices making the exterior of the robotic side match the human skull on the opposite. Not only will this give you practice and experience when executing it on people, but it will also give you a bit of overall experience on how to adjust designs.

Another thing that is often looked over when trying to be creative with new designs is the color and shade of the paints that you will be using. Just as not every face looks the same, there are so many different skin types and shades that you will want to use the most effective shade of paint on that specific person. For someone like me who’s a darker shade of tanned, both black and white can suit me depending on the circumstances. Brighter colours like orange and yellow however, are a really bad shade fit for me. So I can only really use the darkest or lightest shades of contrast colors to bring out the best designs in me. For lighter skinned people, darker designs will obviously do better as will lighter shades for people of a darker skin color. But once you start getting into the shade colors of the spectrums, the small differentials do make a difference. If you are on a high paying job or an important client, then these things are important to remember. And you can always practice before you make any final decisions.

If you feel that you can be an artist without face painting, then that is something I would say you should pursuit 100%. If you feel like you have skills of a higher level than what you are currently using for, the most logical thing for you to do is apply them to wherever you feel. Facepainting in my opinion should be a hobby rather than as a job, as it is supposed to be something you can completely enjoy without feeling any pressure. It should be something that you should want to be as creative as possible. That’s why practicing should be fun also. You should want to get better at it because you enjoy it.



I know that this is a weird post this week, especially considering last post was very babbly. As a man, there is only so much I know about women’s makeup, as well as make up in general. But with this new thing (well it is new to me) called contouring, it truly is wonderful the amount of things that you can do with makeup. Nowadays you don’t even really need plastic surgery because people can use makeup to have entirely new faces with things like contouring! It’s almost a catfish of an invention though, because you end up seeing entirely new faces when you know someone who is skilled with makeup and a brush! I think when we discuss face painting; the art of women and make up is the exact same thing. But I also think that the skills of contouring and such should be learnt by anyone who is interested in face painting just because the amount of designs you could come up with and perfectly execute!

It is very easy for us as creative people to come up with new designs that we will want to execute, and many more ideas that we would like to design and execute but we also know that we can’t. So even if you are an amateur face painter like me or you are a professional, I do think that it is helpful for us to take make up classes or even just tutorials and videos on youtube to get the best knowledge and skillset possible. If only because we know that the better detailed your face painting designs are, the more like people would enjoy what you have done. I think that is really the key for why we as creative people do anything. We want people to not only enjoy the work that we create, but we also want people to be amazed and say to others “wow, how amazing is this design/painting?” That is, what I think why we truly do what we do as creative people.

People think that the best thing to do is buy the most expensive types and brand of makeup, because they believe that the quality of the makeup makes everything that much better. I personally have a different point of view, which is the old cliché of “a bad tradesman always blames their tools”. I really do think that the better you are at creating and designing ideas helps, but the true art of a creative person is being able to execute those designs and ideas no matter what the materials they have to work with. I know this sounds arrogant as a thing to say, but I will find it hard to believe that no one agrees with this to a certain extent. You can have the best tools available in your hands but if you do not know how to use them to create the best possible designs, then it really and truly doesn’t matter. I think you need to use make up specifically for the designs that you have. Not all makeup will be good for a certain design or idea that you may have, so make sure that you can use the tools that you have in your disposal to create the best possible things.

As I said, some people have different ideas on what I am saying, and I probably do sound a bit arrogant and cocky. But if you are a carpenter, you do not need the best quality tools to create the best possible creations. You simply need to be able to design and execute all of your ideas with any quality of makeup. It’s an art, and it will take a master to bring the best out of lower quality materials. But that is why you should try all the more. If that is what it takes to create a masterpiece, then that is what we as creative and artistic people should strive for.

Design ideas for children

So, after my last blog post I wanted to come up with a new design idea that you could paint for children. Now, there are already so many design ideas that have already been done for kids, but there are many more that can still be done for those of us who wish to be more creative! My favorite design ideas for children are usually animal related. Not just because I believe kids respond best to animal paintings as they are usually more fun, but for me I have the most fun with animal face paints because you can be creative with them.

When I spent time in Thailand, I met some incredibly creative artists who used canvass paints, and I also met some very creative face painters who not only painted animals on children’s faces, but also paintings of all types of things for adults. One of the coolest designs that I saw painted was a face and body painting of a half human half android. Very rarely in life do I wish I had a camera on me to take a picture of something, but that painting was the coolest thing I have ever seen. From the details of the face to the details and colour contrasts of the robot, it was amazing to see and the person who created that design was incredibly talented. It is a great design idea to paint for children that are interested in science fiction, and it is one of the more creative designs I have seen. As far as I remember as well, it wasn’t a special event like the Full Moon Party or by a face and body painter of renown, but just a stool in a little market place in Koh Panghan.

This is one of the ideas that I would like to design myself for kids. I think that it is one of the more fun designs that you could paint. However, as I said earlier I prefer more conventional childish animal face paintings for children too. One of the more creative designs that I have personally painted is painting a child’s face like a sea otter, one as a praying mantis and another child as an iguana. Although it doesn’t sound that creative for some, others will find the design to do very difficult like I did. But it was nice to go out of my comfort zone as some would say to be able to do a more creative painting.

Some of the more outlandish paintings I have done on an adult face go anywhere from something like Batman with Christian Bales chin and jawline (genuinely), to painting other people’s faces onto adults faces. Some of the more uncreative requests have been Donald Trump and Obama, but others would ask for me to paint Patrick Stewart and William Shatner for sci-fi conventions and so on. It is actually really fun to be more creative with these kinds of designs. The truth is personally for me, these designs are really cool but they are less suitable for children unless they specifically request these kinds of designs. Admittedly these designs are really cool on children or adults, but it just doesn’t seem to fit properly. I think for children, the more immature and childish designs are better for both the child’s enjoyment and just how cool it looks.

Although what I think may be out dated altogether, this is just what I personally believe. I don’t think you should limit your creativity and designs to anything that someone else tells you to, but personally I love animals and I find it fun to paint animals! Most of what I have said has probably come off as crazy rambling too, but that’s the fact of it! I do also think people should be a lot more creative when it comes to painting animals too. Not just painting cats and dogs, but animals that are more exotic to say the least!

Neon face painting


Considering there is very few times you really get to see this in action, one of the better things in life when it comes to face painting is when you get the chance to do it in neon paint! There are some events in the world which are basically use parties or festivals, and either you can paint yourself and others, or have yourself painted in booths near by the entrance. You can still be just as creative as normal face painting with neon colors, as variety and shades do not have to spoil your fun! The designs are endless and if your creative and artistic juices are flowing, then you can really come out with some wonderful designs!

One of the best face painting designs I have ever had drawn on me was a neon design. It was actually at the full moon party in Thailand, and it was an activity many participated in. Granted, not many went as over the top as I did, but I based my design off a Professional Wrestler by the name of Finn Balor. The design that he sports is amazing when looking at it in natural colors, let alone neon. But it was done so creatively and well that it was by far the best painting of the night. I had many people admiring the look and many coming over to say how cool they thought it looked. But really, I feel as if any design in neon looks good despite how complex or simple it may be. Even some of the more generic painting designs like animals look really well done. I have seen someone pull off a really lifelike cat during one of the parties, and it definitely drew people’s eyes to them. I don’t think many seek out neon facepaint because they are desperate for attention more so than they just want something more creative however. Either way, it definitely catches the eye.

Another place where these types of designs are really popular is at music festivals. In England, there are many festivals like Reading or Glastonbury, where you can get your face painted in neon for the later acts. I don’t think it is as popular as some of the other places such as the Full Moon Party, but many people have done the same thing. I guess after a few days of alcohol and probably some drugs, then you inevitably decide that it is a good idea, even though the eventual rain will definitely wash it off and you will feel pretty stupid. But hey, at least you will get to say that you have done it and take a cool picture for instagram!

Truthfully, I really like Neon face painting, especially when done in the right atmosphere. It really does tend to attract a lot of looks (if that is what you want) and with the really cool designs that you can do, it really will make you stand out from the crowd for the right reasons. If you have some idea of what you would like painted, and you or someone else can actually paint well enough, then you should definitely get it done on a night out! Halloween is another time where it is really popular to get this done, and if you go as something such as a skeleton, taking the time out for a few extra strokes of detail will definitely put other costumes to shame! Although you don’t really want to do the job too well if you are something suck as a zombie, because then you will definitely be scaring a person or two!

With some of the more classic designs, neon face paint will definitely add a more contemporary feel, but also gives an honour to the 80’s with the overly colourful designs too! It even parties up some other designs you may have made yourself, and you will definitely get a night of enjoyment out of it!